About us
Who are we?

Having started out customising and working on our personal cars and having friends ask us to do the same to theirs we unknowingly grew from a small garage to where we are now. We opened our first studio in 2016 purely as a means to meet others who share the passion for cars. As time went on, we found ourselves wanting even more as our passion for everything automotive grew. so it was then, we decided to add more services and increase our arsenal thus forming LibertyWrapz.

What services do we offer

Vehicle Wrapping

LibertyWrapz have an extensive selection of wrapz from regualar colours and fineshes to specialist colours, such as gold chrome and authentic looking carbon fibre.

by applying vinyle wrap to a vehichle you can completly transform the whole look of your vehicle while keeping your old paint intact. its just as easy as removing the wrap to revert to your cars old paint


One of LibertyWrapz's main aims is to provide the very best in Vehicle preparation,correction and protection. delivering a show shine finish to your pride and joy

Always striving for exelence. we pride ourselves on every detail we do and hand pick the products we use to ensure that your vehicle looks like it's just left the showroom.

Window Tinting

Window film is the one product that starts working for you the minute it’s installed on your car, offering benefits beyond your needs.

Our tints block up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet light, rejects as much as 85% of uncomfortable solar heat glare and 40% solar heat rejection. Protect the investment in your vehicle with our tints. Give yourself the comfort, style and protection that keep you driving cooler.

Headlight Tinting

one of the smaller services we offer are headlight tints. this is done to correspond with uk laws to make sure your vehicle passes mot

Although this is one of the smaller services we provide, a simple headlight tint will asthetically change the look of your car.

Number Plates

At LibertyWrapz we give you the customer, our complete arsenal when it comes to customising your vehicle and it doesn't stop at vinyl wrapping

We also offer customisable liscence plates, whether its 3D Gels or 4D Acrillyc plates. we have the plates to suit your style.

Cloud Web Acceleration Service

Faster Web Applications and Web sites
Simplified, optimized web pages with industry’s fastest load times

Contact Us
Where you can find us & General Enquiry

We’d love to hear from you – and you can get in touch with us via the phone, through email or just pop by.

LibertyWrapz, Unit 22 Timsway
Staines, TW18 3JY

E-Mail: libertywrapz@gmail.com

Phone: 01784 441467